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Live Stock

We source our animals from farms and producers who practice stringent
health programs that insure the wellbeing of their animals through the use
of vaccines and health management practices.


CASSALA FARM Supply have our own pre-export isolation facility "CASSALA

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We have a (AQI) approved isolation center owned and operated by
CASSALA FARM. Operating our own pre export isolation facility means we
can process
any international livestock order totally in house making the process less
complicated and more cost effective for you the client.

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Wholesale Distribution around the globe
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CASSALA FARM Supply takes pride in its reputation for safe delivery of live
animals to buyers around the world. Air Freight livestock shipments made by
CASSALA FARM Supply are coordinated through various freight forwarders
for shipments from airports in capital cities of US and Europe

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Build any layout with layers and customize your designs limitlessly.

Cassala imports frozen meat which is carefully inspected for wholesomeness and quality. Utmost care is taken to maintain the safety, hygiene, and storage standards to extend the shelf life, this ensures that the frozen meat stays incredibly flavorful, tender, and juicy for longer.



We source our animals from farms and producers who practice stringent health programs that insure the wellbeing of their animals through the use of vaccines and health management practices. By cooperating with these farms, CASSALA FARM Supply has access to their inventories allowing us to purchase in volume for our clients.


Through our contacts in the agricultural community, we can locate your specific requirements at the very best value. Whether you need top quality breeding stock to improve your future herd or commercial females to improve production, we will locate the animals you require and get you the best selections. We can arrange inspection visits and we will accompany you, minimizing your effort and saving your valuable time.

Health Testing

Experienced veterinarians test the selected animals to meet the protocol requirements of the importing country including all the required health exams before transportation overseas. Our veterinarians have many years of experience insuring the health of animals being shipped. Every animal we ship is prepared for its voyage by being vaccinating against important diseases and establishing parasite control. No matter how difficult the health protocol, we can do it! The most important aspect of our job is ensuring that the livestock you buy from us arrive healthy, ready to work for you!

Our Vision

Cassala Farms works in the animal protein market with its ever-changing sustainability requirements, legislation, and consumer preferences. At the same time, there’s a growing global demand for animal protein leading to more production in other regions. This calls for innovative and sustainable feed and farm solutions.

What's More? We Can Help You Succeed.

For the Future of Farming we need to develop our knowledge and scale continuously. Next to our growth in home countries, we’ll focus on acquisitions in key growth markets as well. It’s why we’ll focus on strengthening and growing our core business, and consider opportunities in selected growth markets. To do this we’ve created the following strategy: Build to Grow 2025.

Our Mission

It also makes our mission For the Future of Farming more relevant than ever: working side-by-side with farmers to ensure their success in producing healthy food in a sustainable way. It is a statement of commitment, encompassing the whole industry. It refers confidently to the future and expresses our main goal: the continuity of farming.

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