Butchery Services

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Purchasing in Bulk

Purchasing a whole cow, or a portion of a whole cow is the most affordable way to buy grass-fed beef.  If you like steaks and roasts, you’ll be purchasing them for a fraction of the normal retail price! 

How it works

You purchase the live animal and we schedule the harvest, transportation and communication with the butcher on your behalf. You fill out the customer cut sheet to suit your preferences and the butcher will answer any questions you have. When your beef is ready, you can pick it up directly from the butcher, or we can pick it up and arrange a delivery for you.

wholesale livestock supplies


Skirt Steak – 6

Flank Steak – 2

Chuck Roast – 18

Eye of Round Roast – 2

Brisket – 4

Short Ribs  – 12

Rib Steaks – 13

Filet Mignon – 11

New York Strip – 10

Sirloin Steaks- 16

Beef Rump Roast – 4

Fajita Meat – 30

Cube/Minute Steaks – 30

Ground Beef – 141

Tongue -1

Heart -1

Kidney – 2

Sliced Liver- 4

Oxtail -1

Suet – 2

Soup Bones – 13

wholesale farm animal supplies

How much does it cost?

There are a few calculations to determine the final cost:

  1. Cost of the live animal paid to the Farmer 

  2. Cost of the harvest fee paid to the Butcher 

  3. Cost of the meat, aged, hung-dry, wrapped, and frozen paid to the Butcher 


Cost of live animal paid to Farmer – $5/lb hanging weight  

  • Live weight is how much the animal weights when it’s alive

  • Hanging weight is the weight of the carcass after the animal is killed, skinned, gutted and head and legs removed from the fetlock down. Hanging weight is about 60% of the live weight.


Butcher fees – $45 harvest fee + $1.00/hanging weight.

What will I get? 

An assortment of steaks, roasts, and ground beef packaged and labeled in “supermarket” sized portions.  See the cut sheet for the assortment of cuts available to you. 

About the processor 

Your cows will be processed at Anderson Meats and Processing, a small, family-owned processing facility in Hartsville, TN. Anderson’s can answer any specific questions you have about the customer cut sheet.  

When do I receive the beef?

All orders will be available for pick up 2-4 weeks after processing. You can pick up directly from the slaughterhouse, or we can pick up your beef and coordinate a pick up time with you. We will not be able to store your beef, so be prepared to receive your order as soon as it’s ready.