The business has developed an excellent reputation for providing a reliable service and a wide range of high-quality merchandise, whilst ensuring the customers receive the service and products they require. Customer services is a top priority for us and any problems are easily resolved.

Personal attention to detail is backed up by an efficient logistical system that ensures prompt delivery to our customers. This ethos can be further demonstrated by our high retention of valued Clients and their satisfaction levels with our service.

Cassala Farm has grown substantially over the years and in addition to securing our 108-acre Cassala Farm, we now employ over 90 colleagues to operate our specialist facilities capable of processing up to 25,000 carcasses in a single week.

The care and welfare of our animals and those of our suppliers remain of the utmost importance and ensuring they live happy, healthy, and natural lives is always a priority. By treating our animals respectfully we are not only doing what we believe is morally right, but ultimately ensuring that our food is of the best possible flavor, texture, and overall quality.


Community engagement is also invaluable to us and, alongside encouraging volunteering opportunities amongst our colleagues, we are very pleased and grateful to support local initiatives through our corporate foundation.

From the extreme seasonal climates of mountain ranges to the desert, flocks of sheep prefer to move to new pasture as to avoid parasite infection. During peak growing season, we move our flock every 1 to 2 days, always ensuring a fresh bite of forage and leading to improved grass-fed lamb. During the winter the flock is given fresh pasture every 3-4 days even when our cattle have started eating hay. This gives them the nutrition needed to grow to maturity before the next crop of lambs is born.

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Sheep are multi-purpose animals, raised for their meat, milk, wool, and skins. While they have been used to control unwanted vegetation for centuries, grazing as a fee-based service is a relatively new opportunity for US sheep producers. Sheep are also a popular research model and some producers have developed businesses supplying animals or other products (e.g. blood) to bio-science.

One of the first and most important decisions a shepherd must make is to decide which aspect(s) of sheep production to focus on. While most sheep breeds are multi-purpose, most are best suited to either meat, milk, or
wool production — seldom all three. Production and marketing practices usually vary according to the purpose of the flock.

We have Available Rams,Ewes and lambs for sale. You are free to seek for
advise base on the breed you have order in reference to your purpose.